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Ever since the what I call 'room 317 gate' happened, the kink meme have decided they don't want any links to their community on tumblr, which has forced me to make my rec list here. I'm gonna try and make it a little bigger. Each time I add a new fic, I will make a post on my tumblr so you should just go through this tag.

I apologize for some authors being on here a lot but I can't help that they're so good.

There will be fics on here that are f-locked, sorry for this. For the people who don't know how to work LJ: if you click a fic and it says you're not authorized to see it, it means the author has made her fics visible for her LJ friends only. This means you have to go to that person's journal and read what you should do to become friends with this person (usually it means leaving a comment). Make sure you have at least one post about yourself on your LJ (if you're active on tumblr/twitter you should put a link to this as well), this way people can see you're just there to read and you don't want to send fic to the boys or their friends.


Multiple chapters

Treat me like you want to be treated by anon
WIP - R (so far); harry's kind of ashamed of himself, because he wants to be a good person, but there's nothing that makes him hornier than louis being a sassy little bitch and hurting someone's feelings

It should have been me by larrystylinsonislove
NC-17; The thirtieth of December 2012, that’s the night Harry’s world came crashing down.

Google says cut that out by LittleMousling
NC-17; Louis knew his relationship with Harry wasn't quite standard. He just didn't know there were rules.

And the radio aches a little tune by mentalistecbm
WIP - PG (so far); Harry's pretty sure that these types of things are supposed to come with some type of warning, a flashing sign or an insistent voice in his head, but they don't, they really fucking don't, and now it's freefall and completely his fucking fault and nothing can change that.

Web of Lies by sometimesitshardtograsp
NC-17; Harry had two, fairly well kept secrets in his life. But Harry messed up big with the two secrets, allowed the two secrets to become too intertwined. And now that someone knew the first secret, his web of lies was beginning to unravel around him.

Beloved by thewhitetoymaker
NC-17; Louis is sick and ends up in the hospital.

Happy thoughts by thewhitetoymaker
NC-17; In which Harry and Louis are friends with benefits.

On the road by 3bananas
R; Prompt: Texting each other from their bunks on the tour bus on the way to a new city. Established fuck buddy relationship, dirty texting, teasing. Harry gets so riled up though that he sneaks into Louis' bunk and there's lots of grinding and touching and Louis whispering dirty things in Harry's ear and the have to struggle to be as quiet as possible

It's a bittersweet symphony, this life by -1dfiction
R; Louis asks Harry to be his best man at his wedding, even though they've been seeing each other for years.

Untitled by anon
PG-13; Bodyshots at a party.

Untitled by anon
PG-13; Harry really turned on and just being all over Louis while the five of them are just hanging out etc.

You'll knock on my door by anon
NC-17; Lourry angst (Harry wants it to be more than casual sex). A take on what might have happened this Christmas if 1D weren’t currently touring.

I don't know about me, but I know about you by anon
R;  Louis and Harry are arguing over who the better kisser is, until one of them basically says "i'll prove it" and the other's like "bring it on" and they start making out, basically.

Untitled by anon
R; in which Louis gets bored during an interview and gives Harry a handjob under the table.

Let's freefall and see where we land by cassiehayes
PG-13; Five important moments when Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson kissed, in five different versions of their lives.

I've got my rock moves by colazitron
PG-13; This was not supposed to happen. But then, what was Louis to do, when Harry wore this and Louis's mind suddenly conspired against him? Also: its sequel Modesty aside (with Louis in a cheerleading skirt) and follow up Who ties up whom (with Harry crossdressing this time).

Dancing juice by colazitron
PG; Harry, Louis and company are having a fun evening on their skiing trip in France.

Metaphysical Gravity by colazitron
PG-13; Harry and Louis make out because the bottle dared them to. And then they sort of don't stop and it takes them a while to make sense of it all.

For the bold by colazitron
NC-17; Harry and Louis are still in the honeymoon stage and being separated is hard, okay?

Baby, you can drive my car by colazitron
NC-17; Louis buys a car and pays Harry an impromptu visit. The next day they go on a little adventure and learn a thing or two that have nothing to do with cars.

Hollywood infection by colazitron
PG-13; It rains. Harry's bored. Then he gets an idea.

Open arms by colazitron
PG; Christmas at Tomlinson's didn't turn out the way anyone had hoped.

Hold my heart by drivetothestars
R; they'll crash in a wave of colour and heat and fire because they’ve never been the type to do things halfway.

A helping hand by failingmydegreebecauseof1d
R; When Louis wakes up in the middle of the night on the tour bus, he has no idea how far over the boundary it will take his friendship with Harry.

Though I have closed myself with fingers by fiddleyoumust
R; There are reasons Harry's never slept with Louis. He's just having trouble remembering what they are.

Are you catchin' all these tracks that i'm laying down for you by goalposts
PG-13; "You need to shag," announced Niall.

High in the theatre by [info]goalposts
PG-13; "Mum's been asking about you," said Louis.

If it ain't coming out, we're not going anywhere by goalposts
PG-13; The first thing Louis did after One Direction officially disbanded was go to Australia.

Untitled by hopeforthewitch
R; Human warmth, no matter whom it came from, was always comforting.

Tension and release by itslaurenyall
PG-13; Louis understands buildup better than most, and he thinks Harry probably understands it better than that.

It's all fun and games by itsgottabelarry
R; Harry and Louis have this ridiculous game where one talks on the phone to one of the boys while the other sucks him off, and they see how long they can go before the boy they’re talking to on the phone notices/says something.

You're the only one breaking me down like this by justgaytbh
PG-13; Five-time, kissing kind of thing.

Time after time by leira17
PG-13; right. okay. the day was repeating itself. t-that’s fine -- that’s cool. louis can deal with that. weird shit happens in this band all the time.

The hunger in me by likecharity
R;  Harry and Louis fall for each other during The X Factor and have difficulty doing anything about it

That boy's got my heart in a silver cage by likecharity
R;  The whole thing is addictive somehow, and not just because of the way that it makes Louis feel, like Harry is his and he'll do anything he says—but because of the way Harry reacts to it, even in public, twisting in his seat and tripping over his words and once even briefly hiding his face in Louis's shoulder because he's so flustered, causing the girls in the audience to squeal and shout.

'til there is no one left to hound you by likecharity
PG; Harry and Louis's relationship from Liam's point of view, as management cracks down on them and hiding gets harder.

as loud as lions by likecharity
PG-13; Every few seconds there's a blinding camera flash, and it's overwhelming even for Harry so he can't imagine how Louis feels. All he can do is hold his hand, tight, like they've never been allowed to in public before, and let all these middle-aged men with their zoom lenses get a good long look.

I should've kissed you by LittleMousling
R; Inspired by this post on tumblr: "If they haven’t given each other emotionally confusing handjobs I will eat my hand."

Make it easy to be near you by locatives
R; So naturally, harry and louis are getting really high.

Making my way back home by loribeast
PG-13; harry doesn't know how to be without louis even if it's just for a month.

Goodnight moon, goodnight you by love_wilts
NC-17; Louis is an ember that sparks a fire in Harry's soul (Includes Harry/Simon noncon).

Play a chord by lnr_fics
PG-13; As it turns out, being best friends with kissing doesn't really change their relationship.

Never mind the furthermore by lnr_fics
R; "We are just friends," Louis states, an annoyed edge to his voice. "We're just friends who sometimes have phone sex. It's not a big deal."

There is only you by lnr_fics
PG-13; Louis misses Harry's voice while they've all gone home on holiday.

Untitled by nodellus
NC-17; "I'm going to fuck you until you cry." Top!Harry.

It's always have (and never hold) by mentalistecbm
PG-13; She’s all long legs and long hair and laughs loudly and without a care in the world, looks beautiful on louis’ arm and harry really, really hates her.

The very bones of you by mentalistecbm
PG-13; if harry’s being completely honest, he hadn’t expected this. he hadn’t expected louis to actually propose to her, to actually go through with this bullshit.

And all the miles will by pailette
PG-13; “I’ll be your biggest fan,” Louis sings off-key as he hops down from the bus to the sidewalk, skipping five steps, he’s like a cat with these perfect landings.

Just to break my fall by retorico
PG-13;  Harry has a sudden realisation and tries to deal with it in his own way.

I etched the face of a stopwatch on the back of a raindrop by princessoftrees
PG-13;  Louis is like the sun and Harry orbits him and he doesn't seem to be able to stop, even if he wanted to.

Summer by say_thanks
PG-13; it's summer and harry and louis are alone.

Green eyes by say_thanks
PG; louis falls for the boy with the green eyes.

Untitled by seemslikeaporno
R; prompt: management insists on harry and louis not sitting next to each other. liam, ever the responsible one, is always the one who splits them up and sits between them. louis and harry decide to have a bit of fun with him and keep asking him to pass messages along, almost like a weird game of telephone. their messages get increasingly perverted as time goes on.

Untitled by stylin-sons
PG-13; Harry is upset because of something Louis has said in an interview.

Untitled by tink15782
PG-13; Prompt: I really just want Harry really turned on and just being all over Louis while the five of them are just hanging out etc.

Love you like a love song by theviolonist
WIP - R; Harry and Louis (not established) have this game they play everywhere they go where one says a music lyric at random and the other has to guess the song. There's really no object other than trying to pass the time and prove who has a superior knowledge of music. After months of playing Harry gets a bit bored so he starts thinking of the filthiest lyrics he can get away with saying and loves watching Louis blush and squirm over them.

Ideas and possibilities by thewhitetoymaker
PG-13; Their first kiss

Untitled by whitings
PG-13; Harry and Louis (no established relationship) have a party, get completely smashed, and end up making out in front of everybody there. They're all friends and don't saying anything to the press, but suffice to crowd quiets down and watches.


Multiple chapters
Shortcut to happiness by colazitron
WIP - NC-17; One day Louis Tomlinson came to pick up his younger twin sisters after their ballet class - that Harry taught. Until that day Harry’s life had mostly consisted of ballet and the periods of time in between that he mostly spent waiting for ballet. From that moment on it became ballet, Louis Tomlinson and the time he spent waiting for either of those, whether he knew it or not.

For Angels to Fly by ithinkhesalwayswonderful
NC-17; Louis isn’t in love with a guy and Harry doesn’t need saving. Neither of these things end up being entirely true. Hooker!AU.

Sew your heart to my sleeve by ithinkhesalwayswonderful
WIP - PG (so far);  To the boy in the red skinny jeans and striped shirt – you’re incredible. Louis has a secret admirer that likes to write about him in the university newsletter. He’s more pleased by this than he wants to admit.

We are not shining stars by itslaurenyall
WIP - PG-13 (so far); Sometimes, different is what shines. Sometimes, that makes all the difference. Highschool!AU.

Tied by miles by larrying
NC-17; Louis and Harry are on opposites ends and somehow they meet somewhere in the middle. (Louis is in college and Harry works at a nearby shop).

Untitled by mentalistecbm
WIP - PG-13; Harry and Louis meet at university. Shameless flirting at parties, coffee dates, picnics under that one really big tree, cuddling in bed, and nosy friends.

Most wanted by mmmytelephone
WIP - PG-13;  Harry Styles is a world-renowned cyber criminal. He's only just 18, and he's hacked into the most protected firewalls in the world, and he's in the Top 10 Most Wanted lists in most countries in the world. He's also a cocky shit.Louis Tomlinson is the most successful secret agent, and the son of the head of MI5. Harry's got a crush the size of Australia on him, and he's using all of his best techniques to try and seduce him.

A change in the summer by slash1dfics
NC-17; In which they all work at an amusement park.


Special section of
OT5 love

Untitled by anon
R; Tour bus bed-hopping. Multiple pairings/combinations. Passing the long hours on the road in a frenzy of cocksucking and mutual masterbation.

Untitled by anon
R; Harry innocently (or not?) eats a banana in the presence of the boys, completely oblivious to the fact that they're all suddenly shifting in their seats. By the end of the night, they've all talked an admittedly very willing Harry into sucking them off without the others knowing.

Harry Styles, fangirl at large by biggrstaffbunch
PG; Gen. Prompt: Harry Styles wakes up one fine morning with the brain of a squealing, hormonal fangirl.

Take a peek by colazitron
NC-17; Harry loses a game and the boys make him wear a skirt as 'punishment'. Everyone likes it more than expected.

To be the friction in your jeans by heartroots
NC-17; Harry is an exhibitionist. He gets up to shenanigans.

Slippage by likecharity
NC-17; Harry and Louis have sex in front of the others. Sequel: Settlement.

Edge of a queue by lnr_fics
PG-13; It's not that Louis turns into a slut when he's drunk, it's that Louis is a slut and happens to be drunk.

Perfectly dysfunctional by loribeast
R; The numerous times Harry and Louis are found in compromising situations by their bandmates, and one time their plan is successful.

Untitled by nodellus
NC-17: Zayn gets sick of watching Louis and Harry constantly flirting with each other, because he wants Louis for himself. One night he just snaps and decides to claim Louis once and for all. He barges in on Harry and Louis as they're about to have sex; he ties Harry's hands behind his back, gags him, makes him kneel down, and forces him to watch as he fucks Louis senseless. Harry comes just from hearing Louis scream Zayn's name over and over. Just make it long and shamelessly smutty. Bonus points for lots of dirty talk from Zayn and Louis.

In our bedroom after the war by theborogoves
R;  The boys are feeling angry and on edge. Zayn decides they should do something stupid and reckless to ease the tension.

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